Easy Upload plugin demo page

This sample shows the usage of the Easy Upload plugin.
The image dialog is changed in the following ways:

The link dialog is also simplified in order to show just the basic options to create a link

The plugin is available only for licensed customers as explained in my blog

Note: this demo page is unfinished. I plan to add more editors with different configurations.

Default editor:

Don't change the link dialog:

By default the plugin uses the default Image and Link dialogs, you can use the default ones with these settings easyImage_enabled and easyLink_enabled

config.easyLink_enabled = false;

Remove options from the upload.

The easiest way is using the configHelper plugin.

config.removeDialogFields = "easyImage:Upload:boxQuickUpload;easyImage:Upload:boxExternalUrl";

These are the ids of the three options: "boxQuickUpload", "boxBrowseFromServer", "boxExternalUrl", so that pre only allows the browse from server option.
In this case we might need to edit the language file to remove the "or" from the sentence, or use a trick:

config.on = { 'instanceReady' : function(e) {
	// change a text
	e.editor.lang.easyimage.selectFromServer = 'Select an existing image';

Removing options from the first tab.

It's the same method than removing them from the Upload tab, the only difference is that some fields can't be removed and they must be hidden instead. Those fields are the Url field and the sizing options.

	config.removeDialogFields = "easyImage:info:htmlPreview;easyImage:info:txtGenTitle";
	config.hideDialogFields = "easyImage:info:boxSizes";

So you can remove these ids: "txtAlt", "elementStyle", "stylesComment", "txtGenTitle", "htmlPreview"
and hide these ones: "txtUrl", "boxSizes"

Introducing attachments, easy file uploads.

Just use the new EasyUpload button in your toolbar (more demos about configuring this option and little bug fixes on texts coming soon)

config.toolbar =
		{ name: 'document',    items : [ 'Source' ] },
		{ name: 'clipboard',   items : [ 'Cut','Copy','Paste','-','Undo','Redo' ] },
		{ name: 'tools',       items : [ 'Maximize', 'About' ] },
		{ name: 'easy',       items : [ 'Link', 'Image', 'EasyUpload'] }